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Early in his building materials career, Henry Krueger became known as the go-to guy for bulkheads. Whenever anyone came in the retail store where he worked and asked about bulkheads, he recalls, they would say, "Go see Henry". He became a specialist, and it paid off. After spending many years in retail, Henry decided to start his own business installing and repairing bulkheads.

In 2002, he formed New England Bulkhead, a business that is thriving. New England Bulkhead provides installations and repairs of bulkheads throughout New England, The company services New Hampshire, Eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Cape Cod.

Henry Krueger, who lives in Canton came from a construction family. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts in Boston, studying business management, he began working in the retail sector of construction. After many years of owing and managing retail establishments, he decided to start New England Bulkhead and specialize in bulkhead repairs and installations.

New England Bulkhead does it all. They install Gordon and Bilco steel cellar doors. They also do complete excavation dig-outs and install pre-cast concrete stairs with new Bilco metal bulkhead tops. New England Bulkhead also does custom repairs and installations. The company fabricates on-site steel foundation plates on pre-existing sloped stone, granite, brick, block, or poured concrete. This procedure covers the top of the sloped sides and base. They then install Gordon steel doors to give the installation an all-steel top. Finally, all joints are sealed with a 50-year sealant.

The average bulkhead lasts 25 to 40 years. So, when your bulkhead is running out of time, call 781 801-4900 to prevent a leaking bulkhead and avoid the damages it can cause. Enjoy the peace of mind of a weathertight bulkhead to your basement with the guy who earned the title of the bulkhead specialist many years ago.


Very Honest!

Consulted on Bulkead replacement They came to my home with the intention of replacing the bulkhead. They looked and determined I did not need a new bulkhead and instead instructed maintenance of the gutter system. I was very impressed.

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